New Hampshire's primary election was held yesterday and there were well over a hundred liberty candidates for national, state, and county office on the three ballots: Democrat, Republican, and, back again for the first time in several years, Libertarian. After months of campaigning in true New Hampshire fashion - door-to-door, holding signs, and marching in the Old Town Day parade - more than half of those candidates made it through to the general election coming up in November, and many of those are incumbents who have already served several terms!

Political activism is one of the many ways Free Staters have chosen to fulfill their pledge to build a more peaceful and prosperous society, and we thank and congratulate all those who threw their hat in the ring for their hard work, precious time, and freakish amounts of energy it takes to run a successful political campaign. There is also a dedicated cadre of volunteers, supporters, donors, and armchair activists who help spread the word and promote not just the candidates but the message of liberty to voters who are desperate for alternatives in our political milieu.

For those of you who haven't moved yet, how many liberty candidates will you be voting for in November? If it's not enough, there's still time to move to New Hampshire and register to vote on November 6th!



Matt Philips is a former president and 4-year member of the board of the Free State Project. He moved from Washington state in 2013.

The Free State Project is a 501(c)3 and does not endorse political candidates.