Lakes Region New Hampshire Beach Day 2015Many of the nearly 2,000 people who have already moved here to New Hampshire for the Free State Project have become involved with supporting and volunteering in their communities. Early movers to the picturesque Lakes Region near the center of our beautiful state are no exception; the “Lakes Region Porcupines” group held its first annual Beach Day this past Saturday, July 25th at Weirs Beach, on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia.

Around 40 adults and 12 kids came out to play in the clean, blue water and run around in the warm sun. Hamburgers, hot dogs, sweet Italian sausage, brats, bacon & egg potato salad, and bacon-topped deviled eggs were on the menu. Two of the attendees also celebrated their three-year-old daughter’s birthday party at the BBQ, which kept the kids entertained with party poppers, giant bubble makers, fun games, homemade cupcakes, and more (as if they weren’t already plenty entertained with swimming and playing on the beach)! Check out photos from the event here:

Kids ate free, and adults were asked for a suggested donation of $10. Of the funds collected, just over half of the proceeds—$180.00—were donated to the Center Harbor Food Pantry, and the remaining $162.00 was earmarked by the Lakes Region Porcupines for their next charity project.

Beach Day organizer Tony Jankowski helped direct several other volunteers who made the event a resounding success: Pastor Bob and his wife Barbara (who operate the Center Harbor Food Pantry), Jaime Jankowski, Marie Aldrich, Barbara and Ed Aichinger, as well as three Free State Project movers who are currently serving in the New Hampshire State House of Representatives: Rep. Mike Sylvia, Rep. Ed Comeau, and Rep. Glen Aldrich.

And, like good stewards of their chosen home, the Lakes Region Porcupines broke everything down, cleaned up every piece of trash, and left a nice pocket of Weirs Beach looking even a little nicer than they found it.

The Lakes Region Porcupines continue to work to make our community a better place for all. Four years ago, they adopted a stretch of highway from the Mosquito Bridge to the Laconia town line, where they just made their 14th litter pickup earlier in the month. Blood donation and holiday toy donation drives will also be organized in the coming months, and the group is open to new ideas and anyone is welcome to volunteer. If you would like more info about the Lakes Region Porcupines, becoming a member, or getting involved with the things they do, please contact Rep. Glen Aldrich.

-- by Randy Clemens