Cats belonging to Brittany and JeremyMy husband Jeremy and I are originally from two small towns in Western NY: Avon and Byron. We were looking for change in the spring of 2013 when we finally decided to move to Charleston, SC. By October 2014, we were settled in Charleston!

We were only in South Carolina for a few months before we first saw the 101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire documentary. We were both very intrigued, but we really thought Charleston was our new home. A few years went by, and after dealing with a few tornado scares, a hurricane, taxes going up, and a massive flood of people to a very SMALL area, we decided to move out of the Low Country and back up to the Northeast.

During the growing pains in Charleston, one place kept coming up in conversation: New Hampshire. We got married in Buffalo, NY, in October of 2016 and decided to have a mini-moon in Goffstown, NH, in a STUNNING Airbnb on Mount Uncanoonuc (we highly recommend it). We were hooked after that stay! We finally arrived in Manchester in June with our two cats.

Our goal here is to start a small organic farm/animal sanctuary and give back to the community in every way we can. We love how involved the Free State Project is with everything. It is so refreshing seeing people realize their power to influence change on a local level…all while making great friends at the same time! We are passionate about educating ourselves on politics of all levels. It has been very clear from the start of our journey to now that this state holds a lot of people who think exactly the way we do. Power in numbers is what really spoke to us. We are so excited to be a part of this project and to achieve our goals here!

We are so thankful for everyone - from realtors, local business owners, and of course, the FSP - for all the information and assistance you have provided us on our journey to becoming residents of this beautiful state! We’ve received such a warm welcome from everyone and it is truly something we will never forget.

We can’t wait to grow some food and spread some Liberty with you all.

Brittany and Jeremy Dean
Moved in June 2017