BruceI left the Marine Corps in May 2011 and moved back to MA. Upon returning, I applied for my LTC, and three months later I received a restricted license for target and hunting from the city of Medford. I am a combat veteran who has been to Afghanistan and know my way around weapons safety, so to me that was the first slap in the face.

One year later, I met my wife, got married, and had a baby. After finding a job and getting settled into married life, a friend encouraged me to move after moving to NH himself, to make the change. Considering the fraud, waste, and abuse that is part of the MA body politic, I was tired of seeing my money get pissed away on negligible road work, shoddy construction, and insider deals. I found an awesome house in Derry that if plopped smack dab in the greater Boston area would cost 700K easy.

My neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, and my wife and child are happier than ever. Many of us Vets get out looking to live in a place that embodies those principals we stood to defend, and I find that here in NH, with the freedom-oriented knife and gun laws, fiscal responsibility in transparent government, and a better sense of self sufficiency and independence.

While I commute to Boston to work, I now call NH home. I will always have a place in my heart for Boston, but to see the place where America is said to have been born turn into a liberal, tax hungry, communist state is appalling – and for that reason I had to vote with my feet. Eventually I will find the same job in NH and completely disassociate my income, taxes and political contributions from that failed state. NH is said to be one of the last bastions of freedom on the East Coast, and I believe it.

Keep New Hampshire Free,

Bruce Laureiro
Moved September 9, 2013