Our goal moving to New Hampshire was to enjoy the friendship of other liberty loving individuals. Our fear was not finding that community and just being isolated. We have thankfully found our North Country Porcupines to be a friendly and welcoming bunch! For a perspective mover it can be very reassuring to connect and meet up with the local Freestater community prior to making the move. For new movers the Welcome Wagon move in party can be a huge help. But what if you're in an area without an established Porc community? Make one!

If it doesn't already exist, an area social media group is a great first step to connect with your liberty minded neighbors. It can also be a great platform for creating events such as brunches, potlucks, community volunteer activities, etc. If any local FSPers own businesses stop in and check it out! Introduce yourself, patronize their  business, swap contact information, find common interests you can collaborate on.
To build a new or expand an already existing liberty centered community be sure to reach out to perspective new movers when they are making inquiries! Answer questions, share information and maybe even pictures or videos of your town or region, give them a snapshot into job and housing prospects, and invite them to come out for a visit! New movers want to know they have allies and resources here. Being a point of contact can go a long way in building up your local FSP community!
Finally, don't be shy with your non-FSP neighbors. You never know who shares your ideals and would gladly participate in discussions and joint ventures! NH natives are a wonderful addition to any budding or established Porcupine group with their valuable local knowledge and perspectives.
Here in North Country we have a monthly potluck to build our core connections, and we usually have at least a couple liberty friendly natives join us! During move in season we enjoy having Welcome Wagons and perspective mover meet & greets. During the off-season we try to arrange a brunch or game night to maintain at least 2 official events per month. Plus we enjoy getting together more informally at times to arrange play dates for the children, go to the beach on a hot afternoon, an impromptu invite for s'mores, or meeting up to attend a local event. It's so reassuring to have that family- like atmosphere and know we have friends nearby who we can cooperate and trade with as well.
We are so thankful for the wonderful community and friends we have found here among the North Country Porcupines. I sincerely hope all new movers join us, find a similar connection, or move forward with building up a local Freestater community of their own.