The Free State Project was the catalyst that brought us to New Hampshire. We have found kindred spirits in liberty, freedom from exorbitant taxes, and support for political involvement at any level. As a family, though, we knew it couldn't stop there. We knew we need to truly make a life here and become part of our local community. As outsiders coming from a long distance that, can be an intimidating prospect! But the good people of New Hampshire are generally more than happy to welcome newcomers.

Getting to Know Local Businesses

The first few weeks are filled with both the whirl and adventure of a new place to call home, and the realization it's all just so new and unfamiliar. A great way to get grounded is to check out local businesses. See what amenities your community offers. Talk to local business owners about the products and services they offer.


Volunteering in your community is a great way to make connections. In the short term it gains you acquaintances and friends, gives you a snapshot of the political climate and attitudes of the locals, and by building upon those connections it lays the foundation for future political involvement at the local or state level. I've truly enjoyed the time I have spent volunteering at the local pregnancy resource center and have made several friends there. Many communities gladly welcome volunteers in the local rotary club, churches, hospital, meals on wheels, humane society, etc. Networking while doing something you enjoy is a great combination!

Kids' Activitiesice-skate

If you have children get involved with their school or a homeschool group, attend a library program, find a church youth program, sign up for swim lessons or karate, whatever floats your boat! Being around peers can be so helpful for children adapting to a new home. It's an opportunity to make friends for parents and kids alike, as well as learn local quirks and customs.

Opening a Business

After settling in, several FSP families have decided to take their community involvement to a new level by opening small businesses. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit a business is a great way to expand freedom for yourself as well as to provide a valuable service to your community, meet people, and market yourself for future political involvement at the local level.

Making Friends with the Neighbors

local fireworksPerhaps most important of all is to simply be a good neighbor. Wave and say hello when you're out taking a walk, stop to chat and get to know your neighbors. They are a valuable resource to a new mover! Our neighbors have filled us in on many of the local customs, recommended local tradesmen when we needed work done on our house or car, and kept an eye on our place when we were out of town.

Being a part of the Free State Project and attending local liberty meetups is amazing! Together we can accomplish great things. But don't stop there; don't just be the outsider who moved here. Become a part of your community - build a life - enhance and enjoy your little corner of the world.