The Davis FamilyMy wife and I were running a summer camp and conference center in upstate New York, and while we were enjoying a relatively "free" lifestyle, we weren't satisfied. We couldn't seem to find community in our immediate area, and while there were people we resonated with, it was hard to imagine raising our two children in an area so far apart from us philosophically.

We had toyed with the idea of moving for the FSP for the last four or five years. It wasn't easy. We were living in a rather idyllic situation - on 850 acres with a private 45 acre lake, financially secure as a single income family. But we came out to Keenevention in 2013 and were ultimately sold on the people we met here.

So, in September, we packed up our life (again) and headed south for sunny New Hampshire. We were greeted by more than a dozen smiling helpers to welcome us "home." We're planted on the Freecoast in Dover at the moment, and loving everything about it. The proximity to so many things we love is amazing. The ocean is 20 minutes away. There are frequent meet-ups for all sorts of things that interest us. We've already tied in with 3 other families that share our values.

We've remarked every single day for the past week how happy we are about our move. All of us, from parents to kids. We can't wait to tie into the community even more and meet the rest of the wonderful Free Staters that we haven't had a chance to meet yet!