Doug's Houseby Doug from Illinois

I was living in the freedom-hating, corrupt state of Illinois, and it was a constant battle out there with the state government to make any progress. When the possibility of moving back east came up a few years ago, New Hampshire was already on the top of my list. Then I discovered the Free State Project while searching for the gun laws in New Hampshire, and I made the pledge that day. I never had any reservations; I just knew New Hampshire was where I wanted to live.

My ex-wife wanted to move to Massachusetts. I'm originally from New York, so I am pretty familiar with most of the states out here and knew that I would never live in Massachusetts. The main reasons were taxes, ridiculous gun laws, and the typical Democrat-run state issues.

Making the Move to New Hampshire

Luckily, for more than a decade I have worked out of my home for a company in the Chicago area. They let me move, and I continue to work for them while enjoying the benefits of living in such an amazing state!

Illinois vs. New Hampshire

Since I did not have to worry about a job change, I was able to come out east to be with family as I did my home search. I was looking for property and a nice home in a small town and found it. The moving process this past summer went smoothly. Everyone I worked with were very friendly and helpful.

Life in the Cheshire County

So far everything has been great! This was the best decision I have ever made, and I absolutely love being here. The state is beautiful, and I love getting out and exploring. Everyone, and I mean everyone, I have come across has been extremely friendly and welcoming. It's so different than Illinois and New York.

Some people say that New Hampshire's property taxes are high, but I am paying less here than I did in Illinois, and Illinois taxed everything in addition to property taxes! It has been liberating to go from a state that required 16 hours of training, $150 fee, and a concealed carry license for me to exercise my rights to a state that requires nothing. I love the personal freedoms here and am looking forward to spending the rest of my life here working to keep New Hampshire free!

If you believe in personal responsibility and freedom, limited government, and the constitution of the United States, join the Free State Project and come to New Hampshire!