Fall HikerThis Summer has been a hot one. Many of us have been begging for cooler weather, but then when it comes upon us, we miss the heat again. Nevertheless, the seasons are changing, and experiencing a variety of weather can be a lot of fun. So how does all of this relate to freedom?


To live a free and full life, we must be prepared. Making sure you have wood for the stove, warm boots for the cold, and layers for dressing is key. The last thing you want to do is feel so uncomfortable (or sick) that you miss all the fun!

Positive Mindset

It is hard to be free if your mind is a prisoner to the seasons. If you know you have difficulty shifting gears for the cooler seasons, find out what works and be diligent. Complaining (especially on social media), will only give resistance more power. Misery certainly does love company; is that the kind of company you want to keep? Realizing that weather does not have to affect your mood is the beginning.

  • Did you know that being flexible enough to change your plans depending on the weather can improve your mood? Read more.
  • Creating new routines based on sunlight availability and building in activities based on what you love about each season can improve mood. Read more.
  • Planning special projects, fun outings, and even a visit to a warmer climate during the cooler months can keep life enjoyable.
  • It can be a good idea to see a doctor if climate affects your mood and pain level, just as you might for allergies in the spring. Read more.

Getting Ready to Welcome the Winter

Hiking in FallHere in New England, we love our colorful leaves, apples and cider, donuts and pumpkin lattes…and lots of pies! We savor the opportunity to make delicious soups, chilies, and chowders. We even enjoy cuddling our pets more in this weather.

When we settle into fall in a relaxing way, winter isn't as inconvenient (if you haven't guessed yet, my focus will always be on attitude and how we choose to look at things). You can choose to enjoy it or dread it...your choice.

  • Enjoyment = Fun + Better mental and physical health
  • Dread = Depression and Anxiety + Poor mental and physical health

Opening the Door to New Hampshire

Jennifer in the FallMoving to New Hampshire was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made together. The natural beauty is the number one factor in keeping our mental health in good standing. But like anything else, we have to get out and experience it! We can work in an office from anywhere. We can eat in a kitchen anywhere. We can watch television anywhere.

The prescription for good mental health is surrounding us; remember to step outside and discover real medicine. Take charge of your own life – get to know yourself! I was never much of a ‘nature girl,’ and I sure wouldn't consider myself that now either, but I have come to understand the medicinal effects of the woods. We sure don't have to go far to find them!

MooseWhen I am 'talking up' New Hampshire (particularly the Manchester area), I like to use a phrase I came up with that seems to make people smile: “We're an hour from Boston and ten minutes from a moose!” How cool is that? It's a new way to live, particularly if you come from big cities.

If you look for the differences between your life elsewhere and life in New Hampshire, you will find them. If you complain about them, your experiences will reflect that. If you embrace them as gifts and adventures, you will have as much fun as we have been having! We're coming up on five years, and the time has flown by! Here's to a good attitude, lots of fun and adventure, and excellent mental health to you all!