New Hampshire is the destination for liberty event attendees from all over the country thanks to The Free State Project! Our featured events highlight thought leaders, community activists, crypto experts, and free thinking artists, and our team of volunteers work year round to make these events shine. Come out to one of our events to get to know the community, and to expand your mind with freedom.

It was amazing, the opportunity to connect with like-minded libertarians in real life and not just online. I am from Germany and there, I knew no other libertarian, so it felt like coming home to a group of people that understood my struggles without needing to debate political ideals or different points of view. The Free State Project organizes a lot of great events (PorcFest, Liberty Forum) and is, in my opinion, like a little libertarian island in the middle of everyday American lives.

The Porcupine Freedom Festival

June 19-24: Tickets are on sale now for the Porcupine Freedom Festival, the Free State Project’s annual summer gathering.

The Freecoast Festival

September 7-9: Tickets are on sale now for Freecoast Festival 2018. Come experience the free life on New Hampshire's Seacoast!

New Hampshire Liberty Forum

February 8-10: Tickets will be available for New Hampshire Liberty Forum, the Free State Project’s premier winter conference on June 19.

The Porcupine Calendar: Liberty Events in New Hampshire