Free State Family on the BeachMy husband Rob and I decided many years ago that we needed to get out of California. We wanted a better place to raise our kids, a place that showcased some sort of fiscal responsibility and common sense, and a place where we might find some like-minded folks to be productive members of a community together. Rob remembered a project he had heard about on a radio talk show many years before where freedom lovers, if enough of them got together, could maybe make a great place even better. Enter the Free State Project.

A Visit to New Hampshire

It only took one visit two years ago for us to completely fall in love with New Hampshire. The environment is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the sense of community within the members of the FSP that we met was enough to tell us that this would be the perfect place to call home.

We drove around Nashua and Manchester a bit with our one year old in the car, trying to get a feel for the different regions. We found a lot of amenities and things to do and enjoyed both towns that we visited. Being from California, however, we were used to having a coast near so it was natural that we decided rather quickly that the Seacoast would be the place for us. We loved the charming but tech forward town of Portsmouth and the beach town feel of Hampton.

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Experiencing the Liberty Community in Action at the Praxeum

The thing that really clenched it for us was a visit to the Praxeum in Portsmouth. Not only did we get to meet some other families and have nice conversation, we got to see first hand a community of people who do not just sit around and talk about doing, but actually go out and get things done. These people had decided they wanted a place where they could get together and discuss issues, have gatherings, and accomplish goals together all while having their kids run around and be entertained which for us, having three kids, was an important factor to consider. So instead of just talking about how nice it would be to have a place like this, they actually went out and found a location and created a space where they could achieve their vision.

My husband and I were amazed. We felt inspired. These people have blogs and podcasts, they organize events and conferences, they consistently write and create content in line with what they believe. Being around that energy was infectious. We knew this community would be a healthy place for us, and for our family. Besides us agreeing with the ideology of the Free State, a large portion of the type of people it attracts are the type of people we want to surround ourselves with. The fact that the community also embraces family life was just an added perk.

New Hampshire Life Beyond the Freecoast

The Seacoast of New HampshireThis type of community action is not just found in the Freecoast region. Other regional groups are gathering to converse and organize their own activities. We have not yet had a chance to visit these places, but we will in the future and look forward to sharing these experiences with you. These Free Staters come from all walks of life, from different regions with different experiences but one common idea: together, we can achieve liberty in our lifetime.

My husband and I did not know entirely what to expect when we came out to visit. Moving your family from one coast to the other is quite the endeavor. We had months, even years, of thought that went into our decision. Once we came out to visit however, we knew. New Hampshire is a beautiful place. There are not very many places where you can enjoy the ocean on the Freecoast one day, then drive to the gorgeous Lakes Region for hiking and exploring before heading to North Country and visiting the breathtaking beauty of the White Mountains.

Honestly the Free State Project community that already existed here was an added perk to what is already a wonderful region. New Hampshire is one of the best states in the union to raise a family, and when you add what the Free State community is looking to accomplish, it quickly makes it Number One.

A New Column: Free State Family

My goal over the coming months is to showcase some of the experiences that come with living in New Hampshire, among this great community. There is always something to do, always friends around to do it with, and I look forward to sharing that with you. Some of these events will be put on by Free Staters and some are just perks of the region.

I feel like it is natural to be a bit nervous about moving to a new place where you do not “know” anyone, but I assure you, there is a family waiting for you. The lengths I’ve seen these people go through to help each other and support each other is incredible and I count myself lucky to have found my way here. When you get here, you are met with a greeting of “Welcome Home” from your fellow Free Staters. Those are not empty words. It is a home here, we make it that way.