FSP Goes to AnarchapulcoLast weekend I went down to check out Anarchapulco. Since I missed my Mexico City connection by a couple minutes, I was jerked around by the airline and I ended up checking into the auspiciously named "NH Collection" Airport Hotel.

I ran into Eric July of Backwordz as we were both checking in. He had also missed his flight, and we spent the night cursing inefficient and over-regulated airlines (I’m looking at you, AeroMexico). When I finally arrived Saturday morning, it was like getting off the plane in New Hampshire: Sunny and 70°. Beautiful!

There were some amazing speakers; I finally met Rick Falkvinge in person. He was one of our keynote speakers at Liberty Forum last month. Since Lyn Ulbricht asked him a question at Liberty Forum, I introduced them and we all sat down to a 'pirate's parley.'

NH Collection Hotel - Mexico City Airport

I met Vin Armani who spoke about his experiences as an agorist, displeasing the crown by broadcasting pirate radio, not to mention his career as a straight male escort as profiled on the long-running Showtime series Gigolos. He had a surprising (to me) agorist argument against decriminalizing sex work.

Rick Falkvinge and Lyn Ulbricht at Anarchapulco 2017

Several of the folks I met had either already been to PorcFest (or Liberty Forum) or were considering coming for the first time, June 21-25, 2017. This year is going to be big! Get your PorcFest tixs today!