Libertopia groupWhat a wild ride we had at Libertopia last week! The speaker tracks were consistently fascinating, and what a great looking MC. 😉 Of course, with a sponsor like Dash, and a venue with a view that won’t quit, you’ve got a great conference.

Our “Drinks and Thinks” Happy Hour was a smash, plenty of folks who were dreaming of New Hampshire came out to learn more about what it’s like in the freest state in the country. We got 5 new signers that day!

“Porcupine Parenting,” a talk about the kinds of alternative parenting styles we are experimenting with in this supportive, enormous community, was a hit! A few parents stayed after and we had an impromptu play date. #OnlyAtLibertyConferences

Rachel at LibertopiaI’m constantly overwhelmed at the opportunities we have to connect with liberty lovers around the country, and Libertopia was no exception. Thanks to some happenstance conversation, we’ll also be speaking at the Jackalope Freedom Festival! As my friend Jennifer Narby says, what else can go right??

This summer is gearing up to be a good one for the Free State Project. With more than 65 visitors heading to New Hampshire, a record breaking PorcFest on the horizon, and invitations to speak at Libertopia, Startup Societies Summit, Jackalope, and FreedomFest, we’re running low on time and high on freedom.

Get your buzz on today and buy your tickets to PorcFest!! Check out the *insane* speaker line up (spoiler: David Friedman, Jeffrey Tucker, Ben Swann, Paige Peterson, Kat Murti, Lyn Ulbricht, Bruce Fenton, Steph Murphy…. I literally cannot).

Thanks again to the Libertopia team for such an amazing event!