Freecoast Festival
This year marks the Fifth Annual Freecoast Festival in the beautiful Seacoast region of New Hampshire. The theme for this years festival is "Building a Voluntary Community," and speakers will showcase how they work towards building a voluntary community by implementing freedom in their day to day lives. Whether it be through activism, their career choices, or how they choose to live and raise their families, these are people of influence who do not wait for others to set guidelines for how they should live. They are doing it now!

Freecoast Festival Details

Freecoast Festival VideoFestival planning is successfully underway! Friday will include an introduction from several of the sponsors along with a presentation from the hosts of the festival, the Human Action Foundation. It will include the start of the Porcupines Den mentor program, when up to 15 participants bristling with entrepreneurial spirit will compete for the right to claim the Dash prize. The location of Friday's exciting events will be announced soon.

Saturday and Sunday events will be held at the performance space of the alternative arts organization 3S Artspace in Portsmouth. Saturday will be a day to hear from influential speakers within the liberty community. Radley Balko, who has won awards for his investigative work into criminal injustices, will give the keynote speech during the festival's banner event, the Saturday afternoon cruise. During the cruise, festival goers will board the Thomas Laighton to enjoy a catered meal while the ship travels along New Hampshire's spectacular Seacoast. A favorite of many festival attendees, this event is not to be missed!

In traditional Freecoast Festival fashion, Sunday at 3S Artspace will be themed as "Entrepreneur Day." Local Freecoasters will speak about their experiences running businesses within the Freecoast community.

On Sunday, we will also see the return of the previously mentioned Porcupine's Den. This exciting event will kick off with a quick pitch to mentors on Friday and will conclude with the winner determined on Sunday. Event hosts are still seeking participants for the competition from any type of entrepreneurial pursuit, including for-profit business, non-profit organizations, and self-funded activism projects. If you are interested in presenting your idea and for a chance to win a considerable amount of Dash, please contact event coordinators for details.

Learn About The Freecoast

The Freecoast is home to an amazing group of porcupines and locals that form an active liberty movement within their community. These individuals have contributed to winning elections in the State House and town councils, employing fellow libertarians, helping to gain global press attention for the Ron Paul campaign, being instrumental to the early launch of several cryptocurrency ventures, and more. The community is made up of a diverse group of entrepreneurs, free thinkers, engineers, homeschoolers and unschoolers, writers, musicians, good neighbors, and proud parents with wonderful kids.

The Seacoast region of New Hampshire is home to several towns that boast high-tech and creative jobs. For example, Portsmouth offers the services and amenities of a big city and is home to a considerable number of tech-forward companies. Several businesses in Portsmouth have begun taking cryptocurrency and it is even listed as one of the world's most Bitcoin friendly neighborhoods. The region has space and resources for entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit is present at the Freecoast Festival in a big way.

See You There!

Already teaming with exciting events, panels, speakers, and competition, this year's Freecoast Festival looks to be the best one yet! If you have not yet purchsed your tickets, head on over to to order them today!