Snow-covered barn"Sledding before 8:30 AM. Rough life." ~Paige Eden Savell

"Made it to homeschool gym! 6 inches is a dusting! #HomeschoolIsLikeThisToo #ColdWeatherKids #NewHampshireHasItAll" ~Rani Merryman

"The vote is 184 to 162. Education Savings Account Bill: SB 193 passes!!!!!! It will go to the House Finance Committee sometime soon. Today is a huge day for NH children!! Celebrate tonight, back to work tomorrow!!" ~Michelle Levell, School Choice for New Hampshire

"NH bars have the best reading material. Nothing like reading a little Gödel, Escher, Bach while enjoying a glass of Tabula Rasa or Victorty nor Defeat." ~Jeffrey Creem

"When you get a new doctor and he knows about the Free State Project, FreeKeene, and he voted for Gary Johnson." ~Stephen Nass

"How much do I love my little community? Made it home with no problems until I got stuck in the driveway, in the dark, no less. Put out a message and within 10 minutes I had 4 people respond to help me out. I was out in 30 minutes and he plowed the driveway, too. Love this place, love these people. #snowpocalypse2018 #NHitslikethistoo" ~Lisa Cole

(Photo by Paige Eden Savell)