Snowboarding"Thursday homeschool snowboarding day!" ~ Paige Eden Savell

"An estimated 600 homeschool supporters turned out yesterday afternoon to oppose House Bill 1263 (HB 1263), a bill that would roll-back the annual reporting requirement. Nearly every seat in Representatives' Hall was taken, the anteroom and upstairs gallery were filled, and families spilled out into the hallway." ~Michelle Levell

"INCREDIBLE turnout of fellow homeschoolers today! I'm so proud to be a part of this passionate homeschooling community. We've packed the house! #NHitslikethistoo" ~Sarah Chamberlain

"When you threaten New Hampshire's homeschoolers, the House gets packed." ~Bill McGonigle

"What a fantastic day in NH! I would not want to homeschool anywhere else." ~Lauren Lawless

"I went to the grocery store on our way home from the library today. I had the twins with me. The cashier asked if school was closed today. I said, 'They are only four.' Her response: 'Well send them to a day care!' Before I could answer, my Charlie looked her dead in the eye and said, 'We are homeschoolers. We care for our day already.'" ~Paige Eden Savell

(Photo by Paige Eden Savell)