"Moo'd Lighting: Springtime at Bardo Farm" ~photo by Emily Smith

"Three years ago we made a bet that New Hampshire could become our new home - having never visited, with little to no ties to the area, and only a one month unpaid veterinary externship to go on. We met friends on day one that helped us move in, we found career opportunities that we love, and we now enjoy home ownership, entrepreneurship, and a community that couldn't be better. We never could have imagined life this good only three years ago!" #NHisthebest #freestateproject#votewithyourfeet #findyourtribe #community" ~BJ Mumford

"At the LPNH State Convention, Lily shared her incredible story of escaping Communist oppression under the Mao regime in China. She escaped to the United States and became a Libertarian. Now, she's moving to New Hampshire! Welcome Lily Tang Williams!" ~Brandon Phinney

"On Thursday, hubby and I attended a celebration of the Pine Tree Riot in Weare. I couldn't resist making the corny joke 'Where?' during the host of the event's speech, which, since I was arrested in Weare for filming police officers in public, I will make until my dying day.  You can read the decision of my First Circuit Appeals Court win, which positively influenced the rights of millions of people, here." ~Carla Gericke

Bloodroots"I've lived in this Upper Valley town for two years, and yesterday I walked down a new path along the river and stumbled upon hundreds of blooming bloodroots. The sun was warm on my back, the breeze was cool, and I just kept walking. Every spring, I rediscover my love for New Hampshire. One perfect spring day is enough to make up for the whole winter...no joke." ~Mary Sorens