Moving out of Boston was always a mutual goal for us - we just had no idea where we wanted to go!  After a [rainy] weekend camping trip in Littleton, NH in August 2017, I turned to Nathan and asked him if we really had to leave New Hampshire and go back to the city. The fresh air, natural beauty and relaxing demeanor of Granite State residents we met had us thinking: would it be possible to move to New Hampshire? For the remainder of the three-hour car ride back to Boston, our discussion solely focused on what we both knew we would need to make our lives better: the pursuit of liberty.
Over the next six months, the conversation became more serious. We spent a lot of time on sites like Zillow, eyeballing NH real estate porn. Through our initial research, we were introduced to the Free State Project; it was then that we realized that there is a community of individuals who share our values in nearby New Hampshire - something we never felt living in Connecticut (Nate's home state) or Massachusetts (Jen's home state).
In January 2018, our offer on a home in Salem, NH had been accepted - we couldn't believe it! We will never forget the feeling of sheer joy and excitement - we knew we were about to embark on the journey of our lives together.
We moved into our home on March 17, 2018. Our family and friends call visits to our home "trips to Free America". Nathan proposed two weeks after we moved in on April 1. We are getting married in May 2019, and are looking forward to building our future and starting a family in the Free State.
PS - our dog, Scout, is the happiest and healthiest she has EVER been since moving to New Hampshire!