Jeremy and AshleySometime in 2011, I (Jeremy) began listening to Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast. Something about his monologue connected with a longing I felt. At the time, I had a strong desire to become more secure from life’s stresses. I felt like we lived by the thinnest of margins and I wanted to work on a more robust lifestyle, far safer from the unexpected challenges life throws at us from time to time. Jack spoke of becoming more self-reliant and insulating ourselves from what he called "systems of control." He seemed to be developing his philosophy in real-time and I liked that. We were on a journey together to find ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.'

As it happened, Jack found the Free State Project for me. Soon after I began listening to his broadcasts he began to advertise the FSP at the beginning of his shows. I was intrigued. Someone else had, far sooner than I, become very concerned about liberty and how to get more of it. I grew up thinking that America was the land of the free, but more and more it seemed there were more rules, more laws, and more things ‘you just shouldn’t say.'

Not long after finding the Free State Project and exploring it through forums and online interaction, Ashley and I took an offer to relocate to central Ohio for better employment opportunities. We lived and worked there for almost five years. I continued to monitor the events in New Hampshire through the postings of FSP members and its friends. In time, it became apparent that the place we really wanted to ‘give it a go’ was New Hampshire.

I began applying and interviewing for positions in the area. As it happened, I accepted a role as a moderator of a forum created by Jack called Walking to Freedom. The forum is there for people to discuss issues associated with exercising one of the last and most powerful forms of voting, relocation. Early this year, I was contacted by another member of the WtF forums about a position in Nashua, NH. I sent him my resume and flew to New Hampshire in February for an interview. As I flew over New England to arrive in Manchester, I was amazed by the endless forests and sparsely populated landscape. Driving down to Nashua, I couldn’t take my eyes from the forest that seem to encroach on every man-made construction. I already loved it.

After returning home, I told Ashley I dearly hoped it worked out because I thought New Hampshire was fantastic. Fortunately, an offer was made and we accepted. I arrived at the end of April 2017, and Ashley finally made it here in June after our home in Ohio closed.

To this day we are grateful we have had the opportunity to be here. New Hampshire is a beautiful state full of wonderful people. Government is more accessible than I’ve ever experienced. We have already met two state representatives at Nashua Liberty Association events and attended the NHLA Liberty dinner. Through the Free State Project, we’ve made many new friends and taken part in several events. I would encourage anyone looking for a more liberated life to give New Hampshire a close look. It is worth it.