The Lakes Region

Rock the Boat for Good

Back in 2009, a number of Free Staters moved to the lakes region and started gathering on the third Saturday of the month in Belmont. They soon decided to make a difference, to rock the boat, to fix what they felt needed a bit of sweat equity. They adopted a highway, which they tend four times a year. They created the LRP Toy Drive, which has grown every year since. Then they started LRP Beach Day, which draws locals to a delightful beach barbecue to raise money for charity.

The group has given out over $10,000 in four years. Naturally, they get pleasure from giving, but they also present Free State Project participants as neighbors worth having. There is a good reason that people who associate with the Lakes Region Porcupines do better in elections! Being good to your neighbors not only opens up conversation, but it also gives them a reason to trust you in a position such as representative, where your goal is to protect them from encroaching government.

The Lakes Region Porcupines are working hard, but they could use more help! Now is the time to support the Free State Project, get more movers into the state, and push to better connect our liberty community with the community at large.

Lakes Region Blog Posts

Aubrey Says “Bull!” to the Naysayers and Makes His Move

Aubrey moved from the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco to rural New Hampshire to find small government and a large community!

Rachel at the Lakes Region Porcupines

Never a Better Time to Move!

When Tony moved to New Hampshire in 2009, there were no Free Staters in his area. Now there are active groups in every region of the state. It's a different, welcoming world in the Free State, the perfect time to move!

A Group of Free Staters Builds Community through Giving

The Lakes Region Porcupines (LRP) want to be known as folks who move to New Hampshire and get to work in the community. We like to think that we can win hearts and minds, but first we need to introduce ourselves without making people cringe...

The Jankowskis | Join the Free State Project!

The Jankowskis Create Community in the Free State

I've been a participant and signer since 2005, and in 2009 my now wife Jaime and I moved from just over the border in Massachusetts. Sure, I went to school in Massachusetts, college and worked there, but New Hampshire and its low taxes and booming economy was always the goal.

Lakes Region New Hampshire Beach Day 2015

Beach Day 2015 | Lakes Region Porcupines Summer BBQ

The Lakes Region Porcupines held their first annual Beach Day this past Saturday, July 25th at Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia. Around 40 adults and 12 kids came out to play in the clean, blue water and run around in the warm sun.

Lakes Region New Hampshire Castle

A Castle for All Seasons | Lakes Region, New Hampshire

While southern New Hampshire boasts of Searles Castle, the Lakes Region is home to more than one lofty edifice. One is Lucknow Estate in Moultonborough. The other is Kimball Castle in Gilford.

Tour the Lakes Region

Lakes Region NH Boat

On this scenic tour, you'll enjoy music at an outdoor amphitheater, visit a scenic railroad, play at the world's largest arcade, hike Mount Major, and cool off at the local family swimming hole.

Lakes Region Facts

Major Towns: Laconia, Alton, Barnstead, Gilford
Great For: DIY'ers, families & couples, integrating with the locals, quiet, rural/nature
Not For: singles and super-social folks, proximity to major cities, walk-ability

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SeamasSéamas is a long-time FSP participant and has served as its treasurer. He moved to New Hampshire in 2013 and Wolfeboro in 2015. He is knowledgeable about the area and happy to answer your questions.