Lane & KendallMy husband and I and our four kids were living in Katy, Texas, before discovering the Free State Project. I was a dedicated youth leader homeschooling my kids, and my husband worked in the oil and gas industry.

In 2010, we started looking for better places to raise our children. I came across the FSP on the internet when I searched for the best places to raise black kids. New Hampshire was second on the list! It would take years of convincing my husband to leave a city we loved surrounded by family and friends we loved.

During the time of “researching” what the FSP stood for, I realized this community of like-minded people thought the way we did. I started connecting with Porcupines online, constantly asking tons of questions! When my husband got hurt on his job in 2014, we started our cleaning business. We realized that we can run this business from anywhere and decided that we could do this!

Visiting New Hampshire and Finding a Home

Lane and Kendall's KidsIn March 2016, we decided to take a peek at what’s happening here in New Hampshire. Were the Porcupines real? My husband always asked this question since I was the motivated mover talking with everyone. During our two week stay, we visited Manchester and Keene. We found a lease option in Keene and went back to Texas to start packing.

But then - we get a call from the leasing agent. Her house fell through and she was no longer moving out! So we frantically searched real estate and rentals. An open listing in Berlin came up, and we jumped right in! It was sight unseen, so this was very scary to us, as we were leaving everything we knew behind! With faith, each other, and of course the Porcs, we had all we needed! We arrived at our new dwelling place in the North Country on April 1, 2016.

The Big Move

We've heard horror stories about trucks breaking down and kids going crazy. This was our first cross-country move, and to be honest, it was a breeze! Everyone showed up to help even though it was a rainy day. I knew then that these people were going to be family for life!

Getting Involved Locally

Lane & KendallFor the rest year, the plans were to settle, get to know everyone, and calmly live for the year. Apparently that was hard for me because in a small town, you see the things that you can help change. My husband and I produced PorcFest last year, I ran for City Council here in Berlin, and I am currently on the City Planning Board as well as participating in the local homeschool group. That's far from being quiet, but I ABSOLUTELY love It! No regrets at all! I only wish we would have moved sooner, but we believe that it was all in God’s timing for our lives to have lined up the way that is has!

Tips for Potential Movers

Research the area, make that online connection with a Porc buddy, and dive in! If it doesn’t work out, you can always move back home, but I guarantee that living among freedom lovers is like living with family!