Sean's Familylby Sean from Vermont

I remember a good friend mentioning the Free State Project to me. All it took was a bit of research and a few web searches to know it would change my life. Moving to New Hampshire was a terrific decision, the best thing I ever did!

I was living in Burlington, Vermont. The politics there are ... let's say less than awesome. With liberalism and more blanket socialism closing in around me, I felt trapped. I started a marketing and web company, so I was in a unique situation where I could pack up and move to a new area without the strain and stress of finding a new job.

When I found out about the Free State movement, it was like a breath of fresh air coming over from the ocean. It didn't take a lot of convincing to sign on, and I packed up and moved to the Seacoast area of New Hampshire in April of 2008.

Vermont and New Hampshire Freedom Comparison

Finding a new apartment and eventual home was a significant struggle, but since the move, I haven't looked back. While New Hampshire is far from perfect, I can say with great deal of confidence that it's by far the best option currently available in terms of advancing freedom. And as a Libertarian, the opportunity to come and help further shape the politics with my involvement (not to mention my vote) is very important to me!

I'm currently a passive member of the LP movement here. I campaigned for Ron Paul HARD when he ran. Since then my candle has dimmed a bit; however, I plan to become far more active in the days to come with the LP party and local politics in general.

Do it! Make the plunge. It's scary, like any big life event, but well worth it!