This past weekend was so much liberty. We had a great selection of speakers, both returning and brand new to the Free State Project Experience^tm. We had a fantastic set of volunteers making liberty a reality for our attendees. We had dozens of vendors and sponsors who brought their take on freedom to our over 300 attendees.

Our Saturday keynote Julie Borowski taught us all how to Make A Pizza, or rather, that we none of us knew how. She came back after a several year hiatus, and brought some new potential Free Staters with her. We were glad to welcome her husband and son to Porcupints. On Sunday, we studied under Kyle Mann of the Babylon Bee the Art of Meme Warfare. We enjoyed panelists from all over New Hampshire, experts in subjects like "Print Guns, Not Money", "Ed Choice in New Hampshire", and "Meet the Regions of New Hampshire".

Our volunteers stepped up hard. A HUGE shout out to Justin O'Donnell, Gordon Kemp, Mickey Mullin, Chip Spangler, Glenn Bailey, Brittany Ping, and Tia Parker. Each and every one of these people managed to deal with my particular quirks during the organizing of this event. Don't ask them the details. Just know that they are all incredible people and worth their weight in gold.

Our Exhibitor Hall was vibrant and central. We had dozens of exhibitors and sponsors talking about how they do liberty. Whether it be community agorism or striking the systematic electoral inadequacies, from cryptocommunities to liberty think tanks, displays of 3D printed merch to political hopefuls, our Exhibitor Hall was a place to see and be seen. Shout out to Emily Smith of Bardo Farms for taking on logistics at the last minute. It was great to see how each of our vendors brought their passion for liberty to a  marketplace of ideas.

We registered over 300 ticket holders, and loved every single one of them. It was fabulous to enjoy networking, learning about what brought them to New Hampshire, and discover that many of our attendees were planning to make their move. All in all, it was one of my favorite Liberty Forums yet.

I'm grateful to all of the community members who have reached out to me and expressed their appreciation and enjoyment of the event, especially considering it was my last one as Executive Director. As I explained in the State of the Free State on Saturday morning, I am stepping back to focus on community development on a micro level: specifically my family. I have loved being a leading part of this organization and movement for the past 4 years, and have grown so much during my tenure. The Free State Project has been my family since we moved to New Hampshire, and I love it with my heart and soul. I am so excited to see where it goes next with my replacement: Vince Perfetto.

Since 2010, Vince has been an example of exerting the fullest practical effort. He has represented the Free State Project at liberty events around the country, produced the beloved film "101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire", led our efforts to Trigger the Move in 2016, and reinvigorated our marketing pipeline in the last year. He can take the FSP to the next level, and I can't wait to see where we can go. Please keep an eye out for his upcoming article about his plans for 2020 and beyond.