Rodger and Jessica Paxton

Jessica and RodgerWe are so grateful that Rodger and Jessica are volunteering to produce the Porcupine Freedom Festival this year. They have already begun the serious work of putting together a fantastic festival - stay tuned for exciting announcements about their progress. Even though ticket sales just started, more than 300 tickets have been sold - this year is going to be epic!

In 2015, Rodger and Jessica moved 1,500 miles from Arkansas to New Hampshire for the Free State Project, joining the exclusive ranks of nearly 2,000 “early movers” who made the decision to move prior to the Free State Project receiving it’s first 20,000 signatures. The Paxton family lives just north of New Hampshire's beautiful seacoast. They enjoy being surrounded by a supportive group of fellow unschooling, peaceful parenting, entrepreneurial-minded people in the Freecoast. While incredibly thankful for amazing porcs who welcomed their family with open arms, their only regret is not making the move years ago.

Rodger is the founder and CEO of Pax Libertas Productions, a company dedicated to spreading the word of liberty and free-markets. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Free State Project, as a Regional Captain for the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence and the Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. Jessica is an unschooling mom of two boys who keep her busy exploring all that New Hampshire has to offer. She considers herself a "professional volunteer," and enjoys organizing political events of all kinds, from press conferences to protests to PorcFest.

Rodger and Jessica are long-time liberty activists. Before their move to New Hampshire, each served in various roles within the Libertarian Party of Arkansas, including Chairman, Media Director, Secretary, and Head of Candidate Recruitment and Support. They have continued their service in New Hampshire, working as lead coordinators for the main pavilion at PorcFest 2017 and members of the Freecoast Festival production team in 2016 and 2017.

Producing PorcFest is the perfect fit for this inspiring couple. Make sure to spend a little time with them - you'll find yourself wanting to do more with your life! In fact, why not volunteer to be a part of their team right now?!