Mike and DebbieMike writes: For a few years, my best friend and oldest Army buddy, Jess Edwards, frequently sent materials to me on the Free State Project and why we should move to New Hampshire. We originally planned to retire in California. Things change.

Two years ago, Debbie and I decided to join the Free State Project. Why? There must be at least 101 reasons to make the move. 🙂 Here are our Top 5.

As much as we enjoyed the weather in California, it is constantly becoming more and more a Nanny State bent on reducing individual liberty and stealing from everyone to advance ludicrous agendas and projects. Wind farms built to produce "green energy" years ago are now being torn down because they kill a few birds. Want a handgun? You can't have it unless it is approved on the California DOJ "Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale" that shrinks every year because they are mandating a move to "smart" handguns. They're even regulating dust from farming. Dust??? 'Nuff said.

Taxes. With New Hampshire having no income tax and no sales tax, we can save about 15 cents on every dollar. Being retired now, that is a big benefit.

Family. My children and grandchildren live in Virginia and Maryland. We are now about 2,500 miles closer. More visits with the grands! How is that not a huge plus?

People in the Free State Project really want to make a difference. The political activism is energizing. There are plenty of forums for information on how we can advance individual liberty; and everyone we have met are just plain good people. We can make a difference.

Last but not least, it is great moving closer to our friends, Jess and Naomi. We have lived in close proximity on several occasions, but new jobs meant either or both families moving. We don't plan to move again. We have found a nice home in Manchester, only seven miles away. We are home! Here's a shout out to Mark Warden of Porcupine Real Estate who has been working with us for over a year to get the new home!

So Debbie and I are officially Free State Project movers numbers 2057 and 2058 as of December 26, 2016. Many thanks to Chris Lopez, Jess and Naomi, and all of the Free Staters for convincing us to move and making it a warm welcome.

Mike and Debbie Kimball
Moved December 21, 2016