MohneysHey hey we’re the Mohneys! Like, Mony-Mony, but Mohney-Mohney. We’re here for the freedom! My husband Kyle, our three boys, and I upped the Freecoast population by five when we moved here in June from Michigan. Yes, Michigan—your winters don’t scare us, Free State.

Kyle started researching the Free State Project a few years ago when we decided to leave The Mitten in search of a home on the East Coast. Immediately after discovering the FSP, Kyle began growing the seemingly requisite beard to fit in here.

MohneysThen, after a night/day shift in our politics and philosophy, a handful of trips to visit out here and meet Porcupines, and 14 hours in a large moving truck followed by half a dozen new friends helping us unload, we’re happy to call New Hampshire home.

We’ve spent the last couple months on the beach, in the mountains, road-tripping and adventuring with our boys, getting to know different groups of Free Staters and trying all the pizza. There’s an awful lot of pizza in this state.

Long story short: we love it here. We’re so happy to be surrounded by more like-minded people who are also willing to discuss politics and philosophy, without requiring an explanation regarding who will build the roads.