Country and City Meet at Monadnock

For those who want to live in nature but not too far from people, the Monadnock Region is a great place to be. Located in southwestern New Hampshire, the region is named after Mount Monadnock, which can be seen for miles around.

This area is a pastoral region of rolling hills, small villages, rustic farmsteads, and winding back roads. Waterways scatter the region and provide opportunities for fishing, swimming and boating. Nature trails can be found everywhere and range from quick jaunts to large treks up mountains.

The Monadnock Region may be known for its outdoors feel, but most of the area is within 20 minutes of major towns such as Peterborough, Hillsboro and Keene. A fair number of freedom loving individuals have settled in and around Keene, which is home to Social Sunday, the longest running weekly liberty gathering in New Hampshire. A few folks from the Upper Monadnock Valley Liberty group also get together monthly.

Lower than average house prices and pockets of low property taxes, in addition to its homely and rustic lifestyle, makes the Monadnock Region an excellent option for families and retirees. Keene offers a variety of family activity options, from the Stonewall Farm, Cheshire Children’s Museum, two parks, and swimming holes within close vicinity.

Monadnock Blog Posts


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Tour the Monadnock Region

Keene On this tour, you’ll sample chocolate, apples, beer, and cheese as you visit Walpole, Keene, and Peterborough. Stop in the woods, visit an historic homestead, and climb a fire tower for a scenic view.

Banner Photo by Jeffrey Newcomer

Monadnock Region Facts

Major Towns: Keene, Peterborough, Rindge, Winchester
Great For: Activism, crypto, entrepreneurs, families, rural/nature, walkable town
Not For: Professionals

Nikki Sunshine, a smiling young woman in a "Ron Paul was right" t-shirt

Nikki is an active member of the liberty community. She is a yoga teacher, doula, and midwife based in Keene. When she’s not teaching yoga or catching babies, she co-hosts the liberty radio show Free Talk Live. Nikki is knowledgeable about local meet-ups, freedom-friendly businesses, and beautiful nature spots in the Monadnock region. Nikki is always happy to help new movers and answer any questions they might have!