Here in New Hampshire, among Free Staters and locals alike, cryptocurrency isn’t just “in theory.” It’s “in practice,” a part of everyday life for many of us.

The Kids Are Using Dash

Kids Using DashWhen my youngest was seven, he started his own business, selling baked goods at a local market organized by FSP participants. At first he sold cupcakes and snowcones, and eventually worked his way up to adding a popcorn machine and a hot dog roller. After seeing his little brother’s success, big bro jumped in with made-to-order funnel cakes and hand-dipped corn dogs. It was quite the show! From day one, these young entrepreneurs accepted Bitcoin as a payment option, knowing that our community here in New Hampshire really values being able to use cryptocurrency in their day to day lives.

Then one day, Bitcoin payments came to a crashing halt, as customers weren’t keen to pay fees that exceeded the cost of their food. And neither of my boys cared to lose such a high percentage of their Bitcoin if they wanted to buy something from another vendor using their earned BTC. But after hearing about Dash’s low fees and ease of use, both kiddos eagerly added Dash to their options, and were quick to tell customers that Dash was their preferred method of payment. At one market last year, more than 70% of their earnings were in Dash!

The Cryptocurrency Your Grandmother Can Use

Dash logoWhy does this story matter? Because Dash really is that easy to use - so easy that even the youngest entrepreneurs in New Hampshire see its value as an alternative to fiat currency. My husband has long touted that “Dash is the cryptocurrency that even your grandmother can use,” making crypto easily accessible to even the non-techies like me. And it’s so true.

Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when Dash came on board as this year’s top sponsor for PorcFest!

What sets Dash apart from other cryptocurrencies out there? Besides privacy, ease of use, and near-instant transactions, one should consider their unique budget proposal system. Dash’s funding model sets aside 10% of the block reward to fund various projects that are voted on each month by the masternode network. This brings with it the opportunity for incredible growth, innovation, and marketing opportunities that other coins lack.

Speaking of opportunity, I just recently read an article about some really exciting news via Dash Force News. Soon there will be a Dash debit card available for US users! Talk about a huge step forward in bridging the gap between crypto and the ease of use that comes with fiat. And that’s just one example of how the Dash ecosystem is working hard to reach the average American, striving to be as easy and accessible as payment systems like PayPal, but with much lower fees.

Dash Is Helping to Make PorcFest Happen!

PorcFest 2017When I say THANK YOU to Dash for supporting our festival, it truly comes from my heart. Thank you, Dash, for helping make PorcFest happen, and for all you do to help free the world from the fiat prison.

So while you’re at PorcFest, be sure to stop by the Dash booth in Agora Valley! If you don’t already have a Dash wallet, their folks will help get you set up, right there on the spot, and even start you off with your first bit of Dash to really get you going. It doesn’t get much easier than that, folks. What's more, many of the vendors in Agora Valley will also be accepting Dash payments, so you can see what it's like to use Dash in regular day-to-day life!

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, please head to (where you can choose “crypto” and pay with Dash!) and start preparing for an amazing week at PorcFest. I look forward to seeing you there.