QuinnI was born and raised in Maine and have been a lifelong libertarian; I remember voting for Harry Brown in my middle school's mock election.

Life in New York City

In September 2017, I moved to Brooklyn for a better dating scene and attempted to drive with Uber to support myself while searching for a new professional position as a business analyst. Ride-sharing is heavily regulated in New York City, and getting my car licensed was a nightmare - it took nearly three months, primarily due to the DMV losing my title.

After finally getting on the road, I was hit with a slew of tacky traffic violations under the city's draconian Vision Zero policy. Despite never having gotten a violation before in my life and not having committed a single act of aggressive driving, I accumulated 14 demerit points in four months. Most of the violations were the result of my GPS directing me into illegal turns that it hadn't been updated for. The cops showed no leniency whatsoever.

During my downtime I would listen to the Tom Woods Show in my car, which in combination with the abuse I endured at the hands of city hall, radicalized me as an anarchist.

Comparing Freedoms in New York and New Hampshire

Discovering the Free State Project

I heard about the Free State Project in an interview with Amanda Billyrock. Having nothing to lose I signed the pledge and moved to Nashua on July 5, 2018. My priority as a Free Stater is to promote educational choice.

I'm still single and hoping to meet a nice liberty-loving lady around here. To this end I created a Facebook group for single Free Staters. Feel free to connect with me on MeWe; I'm a big proponent of migration to tech platforms such as this that protect privacy and free speech.