Androscoggin Valley HospitalOne of my biggest questions before deciding to relocate to Northern New Hampshire was where we could go for basic needs like a dentist or dog food. I'm not sure why exactly but I had this image in my head that there were no amenities in the North. Turns out that was far from accurate!


Before moving I asked a friend already living in Berlin how far it was to the nearest hospital. He responded less than 5 minutes! It turns out there is a small hospital right here in Berlin. Around the area there are also hospitals in North Conway, Littleton, Lancaster, and Colebrook. Along with their respective health care systems each offers a range of regular services like check ups, pediatric care, cardiac care, etc.

Doctors and Dentists

In the Berlin/Gorham area alone I've located 4 dentist offices, 3 optometrists, 2 pediatricians, and a weekend express care spot. No worries over finding medical resources. Alternative care options such as chiropractic and acupuncture are also available locally.


So what about just "stuff"? Wal-Mart super center has just about everything under the sun. Tractor Supply Company offers everything we need for pet and yard care. Those wishing to avoid the major corporation scene will find fresh food at the Berlin Market or seasonal farmers markets. There are a couple local hardware stores too. Even a small department store and 2 local boutiques for those needing an up to date fashionable wardrobe. Did I mention this is all within about a 15 minute radius?


I've been pleasantly surprised to find some great spots for dining. Whether you prefer dollar menu fare from McDonald's or all you can eat crab legs, you can find it up here! Fitness centers are available for those who like to break a sweat, and Dunkin Donuts or White Mountain Cafe for those who prefer to relax over a latte.

I was originally drawn here by the low cost of living, and discovered that I could still have it all! There was no compromise on quality of life with my family up here.