The North Country

Experience Life North of the Notches

Ahh, the beauty of North Country…the Great North Woods, the breathtaking mountain views, the miles and miles of pristine trails, and the charming small towns. It’s no wonder people are drawn here, especially those who thrive on outdoor adventures! But you may be wondering: what exactly makes the North Country a Porcupine Paradise?

There is a thriving community of Free Staters in the North Country, all drawn to call this beautiful region for various reasons. Many Northies are drawn here because of the wholesome, virtually crime-free communities. Couple that with unbeatable real estate prices, a variety of homeschool resources, and small schools where parents have the opportunity to discuss their children’s education with teachers and administrators, and you have an ideal place to raise a family.

The relatively permissive zoning of most North Country towns make this region ripe for entrepreneurship! And those who desire to participate in local government find the region’s small towns to be a great place to get involved. A number of Free Staters have already run serious campaigns for selectmen, city council, even mayor! Our involvement can truly tip the scales and go a long way in promoting liberty throughout our region.

Recent North Country Blog Posts

Lane & Kendall

Lane’s Family Leaves Texas for Freedom in New Hampshire

In 2010, we started looking for better places to raise our children. I came across the Free State Project when I searched for the best places to raise black kids. New Hampshire was second on the list! It would take years of convincing my husband to leave…

Remote Boring North? Not So Much!

I was told it’s so remote, there’s nothing offered for kids North of the Notches, that I’d have to drive hours south to find any civilization. I’m happy to report that there are plenty of amenities and things to do up here!

Tiffany's family moved to New Hampshire from Michigan

Tiffany, Justin & Avalon Leave Michigan for New Hampshire

We are from Grand Rapids, a bustling city of political extremes. We researched New Hampshire and realized not only was the FSP great, but the beautiful Granite State offered freedom from sales tax (6% in MI), low crime, and excellent job prospects…

Tour the North Country

North Country NH Bridge On this tour you’ll experience incredible beer and the world’s largest candy counter before riding on the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway! Then enjoy a hike, visit a covered bridge, and check out a grand resort.
Banner Photo by Jane H on Flickr

North Country Facts

Major Towns:  Berlin, Lancaster, Whitefield, Groveton, Stark, Milan, Colebrook (some include North Conway and Lincoln)
Great For: DIY’ers, entrepreneurs, families and couples, integrating with the locals, quiet, rural/nature
Not For: college or single life, major businesses, proximity to larger cities, walk-ability, weather

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TiffanyTiffany recently moved to the North Country with her family. She’s been busy exploring the area and would be happy to answer your questions about it – or point you to someone who can.


Gaston is a New Hampshire native who enjoys socializing with the liberty crowd. Interested in the region? Let him know how he can help.