Settling back into the real world after PorcFest is always a struggle (I still have a bag of camping dishwares packed up in a bag that may get thrown in its entirety into the dishwasher), but this year, as every year, the exhaustion and elation go hand in hand. It's always worth it.

Our incredible producers Jess and Rodger Paxton made their second year running the event look effortless, our coordinating team ran the show, and our extensive volunteer crew stepped up every single day to keep PorcFest awesome. I've seen a number of thanks sent to them in the PorcFest FB group page, and I want to personally extend my appreciation. This is hard work, and those organizing this event pour their everything into it. Y'all are amazing.

From Dave Smith to Davi Barker to David Friedman, our speaker list had something for everyone. The official schedule was chock full of proactivities, like a week long LARP adventure, Beergasm, workshops, juggling lessons, and live music in the VIP tent. With Porcupints and beer pints, our attendees had to try hard not to have a good time.


Thanks to the 'Bring Ross Home - PorcFest Auction', our attendees raised over $10,000 directly to Free Ross Ulbricht, surpassing the previous record set at Liberty Forum, the other event hosted by the Free State Project. I loved how the folks organizing that saw an opportunity at PorcFest to connect with the Free State community to support activism outside of New Hampshire. It shows me that Free Staters are an example to the rest of the country and the world, and it makes my heart sing.


So cheers to all those who joined us at PorcFest 2019, and keep an eye out for next year... it just keeps getting better!