Porcupine Freedom Festival | PorcFest 2022 Information

Presenting: Your PorcFest Information!

Dear Porcupines,

To join us Mon-Sun, June 20-26 at Rogers Campground in Lancaster, NH for Porcupine Freedom Festival, all you really need do is:

1. Buy your PorcFest tickets

First, buy those tickets now at the “Early Porcupine” price; the price will increase by more than a factor of three, starting in March.

2. Secure your campsite(s) or hotel

In addition to your tickets, lodging is always good to secure, as well.  This year, we expect a record number of liberty lovers escaping their authoritarian states for a week of breathing free in the Free State, so grab the lodging that is best for you now.

3. Join our PorcFest Social Media

A week of liberty festivities will give you so much opportunity for fun and connection, learning and relaxation, discovery and inspiration.  But why not start your enjoyment of greater freedom today?  Plan with fellow porcupines for your best PorcFest ever!

4. Join our Telegram messaging system

But you know that FaceBook and MeWe cannot allow complete freedom and thus, they are ultimately doomed.  Once we have escaped to the mountains in June, we porcupines will be interconnected much more directly. So, download the Telegram messaging app and connect to the official groups. Over time, you'll discover other groups of liberty lovers that share your interests.

For PorcFest information, Telegram will serve as our official messaging app. Download Telegram to your desktop and your phone. Then, join the three official PorcFest channels designed for attendees

  • PorcFest Attendee Chat (You may ask questions and find others to create new groups with)
  • PorcFest Announcements (Official announcements affecting almost every PorcFest goer)
  • And the PorcFest Program (Periodically transmitting current lists of venues, lounges, vendors, villages, speakers, and our schedule)

5. RSVP: "Going!" to PorcFest

After you've RSVP'ed, INVITE your liberty-curious friends to PorcFest. You are probably going because someone you know told you about PorcFest. Pass on the gift. Use the INVITE button on Facebook and MeWe event pages to alert friends.

Then, SHARE your plans for celebrating the first days of summer in freedom all across your social media.

After that, you’re pretty well set: ticketed, lodged, connected, and ready for a great PorcFest!

Additional PorcFest Information

If you would like to sell products or services to attendees, or maybe create a venue or a lounge in the campground where you can invite speakers and attendees, check this out.

If you've already contacted us about giving a talk, having a discussion, or creating an activity, we’ll be giving you a way to put your event on the official schedule.

Still have more questions? Join one of the groups linked above and ask in the group, or contact us today.

Welcome to PorcFest!

Liberty Unmasked,

Dennis Pratt

Chef de Village, PorcFest Information