The Porcupine Freedom Festival, commonly known as PorcFest, is the Free State Project’s flagship annual summer gathering in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Having grown in size and scope since its inception in 2004, PorcFest draws thousands of freedom-lovers and free thinkers from across the globe. This safe, fun, and friendly camping event is packed with parties, panels, classes, delicious food, children’s activities, and much more.

Porcupine Freedom Festival 2017

'The people at PorcFest don’t believe in waiting for good politicians to come along. They know that rarely happens. They try to live their lives as much as possible as if government doesn’t exist.' - John Stossel

Though PorcFest only occurs for a few days each year, it has developed a rich history and culture. You may find yourself sitting around a fire, inspired to change the world, realizing you're a part of something incredible... just the way folks did at the very first PorcFest. Then perhaps you'll sign up for Soap Box Idol, where you'll rant and rave and bring the crowd to their feet, just as competitors have done for years. And even with the excitement of 'finding your tribe,' PorcFest will slow the pace of your life, just as it has for thousands like you, as you walk the campground or mingle in a tent discussing the workings of a free society.

'It’s like Woodstock for rational people.' —Roderick T. Long, Professor of Philosophy at Auburn University

PorcFest at Night

At PorcFest, you'll hear incredible speakers who engage audiences on stage, then chat with them around the Burning Porcupine. Past speakers include: Patrick Byrne, Nick Gillespie, Gary Johnson, Julie Borowski, Matt Welch, Lenore Skenazy, Ben Powell, Angela Keaton, Jeffrey Tucker, and Paul Wilson.

New Hampshire RegionsPorcFest provides the perfect opportunity to experience New Hampshire and to discover everything that its liberty community has to offer. Each year, newcomers join those who've been attending for a decade in a picturesque setting to share ideas and talk about making the move for a better life. Those considering moving will find helpful information about:

  • towns with low taxes and low zoning
  • areas with regular homeschool meetups, Bitcoin meetups, etc.
  • good locations for homesteading and permaculture
  • places where one might get involved in local politics

'The best part about PorcFest is that there's something for everyone, which sounds like a cliche, but it really is true. There are aspects of learning, networking, and of course relaxing, but ultimately, PorcFest is about building a healthy community of like-minded people who are passionate about freedom... and who are actually willing to do something about it.' - Carla Gericke, former FSP president

Roger's MotelIn 2015, the Union Leader covered PorcFest and talked with Crosby Peck, the owner of Rodgers Campground and Motel. Peck said that he "likes his Free State guests precisely because they do shake things up and because they’re an enjoyable bunch to host." The article continued:

'The whole area' in and around Lancaster 'for the most part, welcomes them (Free Staters) for what they do for the local economy,' said Peck, adding that of the 1,500 visitors who come to PorcFest, many will go into town to buy groceries, gas and various sundries.

Having met many PorcFest attendees, some from as far away as Europe and Australia, Peck said they’re 'fantastic people' and fastidious, too, noting that each year a volunteer Free State clean-up crew leaves the campground, which is pretty neat already, 'even nicer than when they came in.'

PorcFest People

PorcFest is family-friendly and open to anyone looking to celebrate freedom and individual liberties, whether or not they are members of the Free State Project. Information on tickets, lodging, activities, and more can be found at

'I had no idea, but now that I do, I wish I had started coming years ago.' —Nick Gillespie, editor in chief of