It’s Happening!

Psst! Did you hear? Those crazy Porcupines of the Free(ish) State of New Hampshire are throwing a weeklong party, and YOU are invited!


It is now full-steam ahead for the 17th Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival, aka PorcFest XVII, June 22-28, 2020 at Roger's Campground in the beautiful White Mountains.

Our keynote speaker is Tom Woods (catch Tom’s recent podcast with Carla Gericke about why he is attending PorcFest for the first time, but you already know the answer, dundundun: IF YOU SUPPORT LIBERTY IN OUR LIFETIMES, THE TIME IS NIGH!)

Buy your super-duper cheap $25 per person tickets today!

Because of The Weirdness, we have decided to K.I.S.S. by:

Radically reducing the ticket price down to 2009 levels! That’s right--not only is Queen Quill back after a decade to organize PorcFest for the third time, she’s doing it THROWBACK-style.

What does this mean? Less formal programming, and more decentralization! You asked for it, now it’s up to each of YOU to make PorcFest a smashing success! Bring your goodies, your projects and ideas, and come pimp your passions from your campsites. No extra fees apply!

Contact Roger’s Campground to book your accommodation today.

Official programming will take place in the open air Pavilion from Thursday (6/25) through Saturday night (6/27), culminating in SoapBox Idol--YOUR chance to tell us in a 3-minute rant how YOU feel. (This should be an extra interesting year!)

We’re excited to welcome back many of our favorite speakers, like Jeffery Tucker, but the focus of PorcFest XVII will be on the AMAZING COMMUNITY WE ARE BUILDING. Given how the future is shaping up, there is no better place than TOGETHER in New Hampshire. We want YOU to join us and #MakeYourMove!

Interested in vending in Agora Valley, the prime real estate closest to the action? Contact us at” This year, you will pay Roger’s directly (no extra associated costs!), and simply work with our vendor coordinator to find the best placement for you.

PorcFest XVII sponsorships are now a flat $1,000 (some restrictions apply). This gets you a sponsored “Bonfireside Chat,” dibs on a motel room (that we reserve but you have to pay for yourself), literature in our “upcycled grab bags” (yes, that’s event bags from previous events, you got me!), an online presence on our website, and logo placement on a screen in the Pavilion. If YOU are interested in sponsoring the BOLDEST, MOST EPIC, BALLER LIBERTY EVENT OF THE YEAR, email former FSP Executive Director, Rachel Goldsmith at

Some FAQs:

I already bought a ticket at a higher price (but, of course, am still planning to attend)! Please consider donating the difference to help us. If not, you can ask for cash refunds onsite. If you bought a ticket and are not planning to attend, as penance, you forfeit your payment. Just kidding! Email with “Refund” in the subject line. But, yanno, being generous right now would be greatly appreciated!

I already bought a VIP ticket, what now!?! Sadly, there will be NO official VIP tent this year. If you have purchased a VIP ticket, please consider making this a tax-free donation. If you would like a refund, please email us at with “VIP Refund” in the subject line.

What about PorcuPints programming? Families are still encouraged to attend, but there will be no formal children's programming this year. Free range children, pop-up parenting, and babysitting shares will likely naturally evolve onsite.

I’m concerned about The ‘Vid! What about getting cooties!?! If you have ANY concerns relating to this, please sit out this year. While Roger’s is currently asking you to wear a mask and social distance in communal areas (you can do what you want on your own site/motel room; no noise after 11PM), things may change fast and, as is the case when you bring large groups of liberty individuals together, other people may not act in accordance with your personal preferences. You are ENTERING AT YOUR OWN RISK. As has always been the case, we ask everyone to behave in a manner becoming a Porcupine, following the (Black and) Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated; be kind and considerate; don’t be an asshole. Additional guidelines will be provided and shared with PorcFest XVII ticket holders in the coming weeks and posted onsite. For purposes of PorcFest XVII, everyone is a member of Roger’s Campground. You will receive your membership onsite.

What about guns at PorcFest? What about them? 🙂 PorcFest is a gun-friendly environment. Anyone carrying is expected to behave in a safe manner. Gun safety rules will be posted onsite.

More information coming soon... but NOW IS THE TIME to BUY your tickets to what will surely go down as THE MOST LAUDED, TALKED ABOUT, AND HISTORIC PorcFest ever!

Don’t miss out!

(Can’t make it this year, but love what we are doing? Buy your “In Spirit” tickets to show your support! Thank YOU!)