PorcFest XV is right around the corner, y’all!

This June 19-24, we’ll be back at Rogers Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire – such a perfect setting for our annual freedom festival.

BackwordzEach year, visitors from all over the world come to PorcFest. Read on to see why!

Speakers and Performers

Your PorcFest Production Team has been working hard to plan an amazing event, and we think that you are going to LOVE what we have in store.

psychicThis year you’ll be treated to a concert by BackWordz and hear from Ben Swann, Eric July, David Friedman, Jeffrey Tucker, Lyn Ulbricht, Carey Wedler, and many more!

Are you a fan of Penn & Teller? Then you’ll probably be excited to see Matt Donnelly on the schedule! Penn’s good friend, co-host of Penn’s Sunday School Podcast, and writer on Penn & Teller: Fool Us! will join us to perform a magic comedy act and will also host a Q&A about his life as a sidekick to larger-than-life libertarian Penn Jillette. You won’t want to miss that!

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Fun and Games

Jedi TrainingIf speakers aren’t your thing, there will be play for all ages. Have a blast with dodgeballultimate frisbeerelay gamesJedi trainingand more. And the family will love our amazing kids’ program, with activities held throughout the day in our kid-centered PorcuPints venue.

Plus - kids' tickets are free (but donate a little because the kids' activities ROCK)!

Not feeling playful? That’s cool. We also have raves, ballroom dancing, and nightly bonfires. PorcFest really does have a little of everything!

New Add-On Workshops & Tees

ar-15Check this out: This year we’re trying something new - workshops! You’re going to LOVE these new add-on classes that give you the chance to take a deeper-dive into subjects that don’t fit into our 45-minute sessions. You can sign up to:

  • become certified in CPR
  • learn about MeshNets and leave with your own goTenna
  • set up your brand new android tablet so it’s super secure
  • learn more about the AR-15
  • attend a shooting event
  • have the kids build a wooden Micro-Uzi, or
  • make your own balms and salves.

ShirtAnd while you’re cruising the offerings, don’t forget to check out our exclusive pre-order only festival tee, on sale through 5/20, so hurry! (It’s so punny, right?!)

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Agora Action

PorcFest has a “down town” area called Agora Valley where you can buy and sell various goods and services. From breakfast to t-shirts, crypto to massage, it’s home to vendors and service providers who epitomize the voluntaryist spirit you’ll find here in New Hampshire (and almost all of whom are crypto-friendly). Spend your afternoon strolling through, or come as a vendorand maybe leave PorcFest with a few more bucks (or Dash!) than you came with.

What's the Best Part?

Check out the ever-growing schedule (the full schedule will be out soon, so keep checking back!) and featured speakers page for more details about the event that brings hundreds of libertarians to PorcFest year after year.

loveWe’re going to let you in on a secret, though. While our schedule is jam-packed with the best speakers, entertainment, and activities, and while that might be the reason you decide to purchase a ticket...once you arrive, you’ll find that having the opportunity to immerse yourself in our community of voluntaryists is worth the price of admission. And don’t be surprised when you find, at the end of the week, that you never want to leave New Hampshire.

Join the VIPs

Did you check out the perks that come with VIP? It's SO worth it! VIPs get:

  • exclusive access to our VIP tent with hot and cold drinks all day
  • meet-and-greets with speakers and live musical performances
  • reserved front-row seating in the Dash Pavilion
  • a deluxe swag bag with a special gift
  • complimentary pastries and coffee each morning, happy hour appetizers each evening, bar snacks, and more!

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Make It Happen

Volunteer for PorcFest XV!

Already bought your ticket? Well, thank you! Please consider joining our volunteer team to meet some of the most awesome folks on the planet while helping make PorcFest happen. We hear the volunteer shirts are particularly awesome this year!Jessica-RodgerWe look forward to seeing you at PorcFest XV June 19-24 at Rogers Campground in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

In liberty,

Jessica Paxton and Rodger Paxton
PorcFest XV Event Producers