After 35 years, I reached the elusive conclusion that I couldn’t save the world single-handedly. So now that I know myself, who I am, what I’m trying to accomplish and how I’m going to do it I am finally open to the idea of participating in a team. So I had to find one that most closely fit my personal agenda. On my list was Unitiarian Universalism, Libertarian, Cascadia, Texit and Belfast. While in Houston, Texas investigating the Texit organization, a friendly hostel-goer introduced me to the Free State Project which immediately topped the list. So I gassed up the Jag and headed out the next morning. I didn’t like Texas anyways.

In my view, the single most beneficial improvement to the world would be an increase in justice, by replacing government with privatized not for profit services. And generally pursue world peace and celebration by spreading voluntaryist ideals, advocating inherent natural rights and progressing social contract to better reflect the non-aggression principle. I came to New Hampshire because the Free State Project is doing the most for individual rights and freedom.

Since moving here I’ve found that the Free State Project community is vibrant and diverse. There is an organized network of interests and local residents are friendlier than most!

Here’s my attitude/outlook for any LoTR animated nerds among us 😀