As I reviewed my busy schedule for the upcoming week, I found myself chuckling as I remembered the well intended but misguided warnings that I'd be "bored to tears" here in the North. I was told it's so remote, there's nothing offered for kids North of the Notches, that I'd have to drive hours south to find any civilization, that it's fun to visit in the summer but we'd be snowed in and stranded for 5 months out of the year.... I remember telling my husband we better get a really nice house because that's all we'll have up there.

I'm happy to report that while rural the North is remote, there are plenty of amenities and things to do up here. I have yet to need anything that isn't available within 45 minutes of us. Yes it snows but roads are well maintained and there are plenty if clear sunny days, and surprisingly I've had to become very selective because over-committing was becoming a real problem for me!

Here are just a few things on the docket this week: children's music time at the library, toddler play group, swimming at local athletic club, story time at library, meet friends for lunch at Burger King (they have a kids play area), visit children's museum (in North Conway, about 40 mins away), North Country Porcupines meetup (Liberty Analysis), and volunteer at the local pregnancy resource center.

So yes there are bearded men up here, but I have yet to see an actual cave man, and we're much more likely to get our groceries from Wal-Mart than to forage in the woods! Every season has something to offer. We eagerly await parks reopening in the spring, hiking and beaches in the summer, and hanging out around backyard fire pits with the neighbors in the fall. Granted it would be a little closer to paradise if we had taco trucks in town, but we certainly don't suffer boredom around here!