Robert and CarolCarol and I, along with our four children, came from Wisconsin’s Milwaukee area. I was working for Tesla Motors in Grand Rapids, MI, but we did not want to stay in Michigan at all. We were thinking about heading back to Wisconsin when we decided to look into a possible move to New Hampshire. It was then that we were introduced to the Free State Project and we met Mary in the Facebook group. We knew it was where we belonged and where our new adventures awaited.

We moved, with the help of some very good Free State people, into our new home in Pembroke, NH. There were resources for everything we needed within the Free State Project and, although moving can be expensive and stressful, having other like minded people around us, lending a hand, offering advice, and helping with home searches, made it much less stressful.

The people here are wonderful. The area offers so much from outdoor adventure to excellent shopping. We are within an hour of mountains, Boston, the seacoast, and some of the country's most beautiful, clean and breathtaking forests, trails and waterways.

If you're thinking of making the move, consider joining the FSP Facebook Group, getting to know people there and really asking questions. Keep in mind that we are all still individuals and you may not like or agree with everybody. Typically we agree with the libertarian philosophy. A huge part of that philosophy can be summed up in a common Wiccan saying: “Harm none, do what you will”. Not everybody will be what or who you agree with. So expect that. But most of the people I’ve met are more than amazing. This state... it is so beautiful. You’ll be surrounded by so many great people and places, so much history. I honestly feel more free here. Coming from Wisconsin, the Midwest in general, I feel like this place has not been utterly destroyed by greedy, power hungry politicians.

We saw something in New Hampshire. There is no way I’d ever turn back. My family and I virtually dropped what we were doing and made the move and it is worth it. It is where we were meant to be.