Robert moved to New HampshireNew Hampshire just repealed concealed-carry permit requirements!

We have medical marijuana and are close to decrim.

We were the second state to recognize marriage rights for LGBT through legislation rather than the courts.

We have the best per capita representation in a state legislature, with an average of one representative for roughly every 3,250 people.

We have no income tax and no sales tax and the least tax revenue per capita among the states. Unemployment is also lowest among all the states.

There is no requirement for car insurance which makes it super cheap (I saved 50%, yes my rates were literally halved, by switching to New Hampshire and didn't even need to call the lizard!).

We have among the lowest crime rates, and have been ranked among the healthiest states. We have the least STD’s!.

We have minor league baseball and hockey, some of the best hiking and skiing, Hampton Beach, and Chunky’s Cinema Pub!

This is what freedom can do, and we are just getting started! Live Free or Die!!

If your bags are not packed yet... what are you waiting for?? LIVE FREE with us!!

Robert Lombardo
Moved March 2015