RyanUntil a few months ago, I had lived my entire life in the Mojave desert of California (Lancaster, specifically). By the time I reached adulthood in January of 2004, I was already sick of both the natural and political environment there and knew I wanted to leave as soon as possible for climes more suited to my tastes.

I can't recall exactly when I first read about the Free State Project online except to say that it was at least 8 years ago. Whenever it was, I was immediately convinced that New Hampshire was the right place and I decided at that time to participate and move as soon as possible. I refrained from signing the Statement of Intent until I was sure I'd be able to fulfill my pledge, since I knew that it would be some years before my move.

As it turned out, however, I shamefully forgot that I hadn't actually signed until I was in the process of driving across country on my move, having been engrossed in selling my house and making preparations as soon as I decided the time was right. Events lined up rather quickly and I had been resolved to participate for so long that actually signing entirely slipped my mind.

I can't say I've really had an activist interest as such, up until now. My desire is to live free and be left alone by the state to the greatest extent possible and I've long used my vote and what monetary political contributions I could to achieve that in the best way I thought possible.

Ryan Bloodworth
Moved December, 2015

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