SeanAbout three years ago I found myself in a career I didn’t particularly enjoy and in a house I struggled to afford. Was this to be my life for the next 30 years? That was a depressing thought. So I sold my house and quit my job and began a journey of self-discovery.

I was intrigued by becoming more self-reliant. I wanted to be more in touch with nature and learn to provide for more of my own needs away from fragile and broken systems. I worked on a couple of farms learning to grow food and learning basic carpentry skills. I took a few permaculture workshops and went on a vision quest in the jungle of Peru. In the end, I came VERY close to building a tiny house and starting a farm; however, after a period of due diligence, I found the economics of agriculture uninspiring.

It was also during this time that I started listening to The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko. I enjoyed his lessons on self-reliance, modern survivalism, and permaculture. He also introduced me to the concepts of libertarianism. I had always been pretty apathetic when it comes to politics and never bought what any politician was selling. I vaguely referred to myself as a fiscal conservative but social liberal. However, the non-aggression principle was so simple, unifying and elegant - a principled way to live that really struck a cord with me. Jack also introduced me to the concept of “walking to freedom” and the Free State Project.Sean

New Hampshire really has a lot going for it. From a physical perspective, the open space, natural beauty, and lack of congestion is very freeing. With its lower real estate prices (compared to eastern Massachusetts), beneficial tax environment (though of course it could be better!), and decent economy, I felt financial freedom was more realistic. And after learning about the Free State Project and the large liberty oriented community that I could plug into, the choice was a no-brainer.

I rented an apartment in Nashua as I oriented myself to the state and was welcomed with open arms into the liberty community. After a few months I settled into Manchester. I bought and renovated a three-family home, renting two units to a family of new movers and living in the third unit myself. I also started a real estate appraisal business that is really beginning to prosper. I have even voted for the first time in 15 years - there are plenty of liberty-oriented candidates to vote for with a clear conscience, and some even win!

Social opportunities in the liberty community are so numerous it is impossible to take advantage of them all. I have participated in political protests, learned how to safely operate a firearm, dove off railroad bridges, tried rock climbing and disc golf, built raised beds, completed transactions in Bitcoin, and learned how to brew kombucha – all with people I met through the Free State Project.

Overall, my choice to move to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project has been a great one. I can honestly say I am the happiest I have been in my adult live and have never been more optimistic about the future!