SlateCheck out this in-depth coverage from Slate about how libertarians are shaping life in New Hampshire. (Ignore the click-bait title, the article is remarkably good.) Read about the FSP, the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, and more!

Carla Gericke (JD, MFA) is an advocate of liberty specializing in localized voluntarism, internet freedom, self-determination, and how responsible human action can lead to peace and prosperity. She is president emeritus of the Free State Project, and lives in New Hampshire with tens of thousands of fellow Ron Paul supporters. In 2014, Carla won a landmark case affirming the 1st Amendment right to film police encounters. She now serves as president of the Foundation for NH Independence, a 501c3 nonprofit that educates Granite Staters on the advantages of peacefully separating from the federal government. Carla is currently running as a Republican candidate for NH State Senate in the Queen City and Goffstown (District 20).