Spring in the Free StateAfter a long winter, many of us like to thoroughly clean our homes. We open the windows, take out the feather duster, and get to it. It feels so great to see through clean glass, smell the grass growing, see the first signs of flowers blooming, and of course...hear the birds sing! Just think what our minds would feel like if we took the same approach! Here are tips for that psychological Spring cleaning your mind is crying out for:

1. Survey your environments. Start with living environment – do a purge of any clutter that you could immediately eliminate. Donate any clothes you have not worn in 1-3 years, because you really never liked it, it doesn't fit and/or is out of style, you're sick of moving it around! Find a place for stuff. If you have family members that need to “see where their stuff is” consider using open shelves, hooks, and labeled bins to help them navigate. Believe me, it makes your life easier too!

2. Jot down three things that went right each day. If you find you want to write more, journal your thoughts. Meditating is wonderful, but it doesn't always look the same. Some folks chant, while others walk in nature. Find what works for you...and do it! Focusing on what is going right is the key to a clear, and happy mind-set. Let me help: more info here, or find my FaceBook page.

3. Make a list of things you want to improve. If you make no change, expect no change. Be reasonable about it so you will be successful. Find someone who has made progress, and ask them how they did it. Support works, because we can learn from others' experiences. Don't be too proud to ask for help.

Spring in the Free State4. Pull some weeds from your friends/acquaintances/family garden. Toxic people weigh us done and reek havoc on our minds. Guilt does not mean love. You can not suffer enough to help anyone. One-way friendships are not friendships. Be brave, and set some boundaries.

5. Build up your own self-compassion. Find affirmations that you believe and make a habit of saying them to yourself. I also recommend living by the Four Agreements. Why? Because they are awesome and magical!!

6. De-clutter your brain when automatic, negative thoughts take over. Welcome an affirming statement that strengthens your self-worth. Seek out a life-coach or therapist to help guide you down the right path to fulfillment.

7. Do at least one productive thing every day that allows de-cluttering to occur. It could be as simple as washing the dishes, making the bed, or emptying the trash.

8. Tap into your spiritual connection. Prayer, meditation, deep breathing, hiking, yoga are all good ways to make space for new growth and endeavors. Once the skeletons have been removed from your closet, space opens up for freedom, joy, creativity, and wellness.

9. This list would not be complete if I didn't mention the importance of the gut and diet. 'You are what you eat' wasn't said in jest; take heed. Your gut also has a brain that needs de-cluttering. Listen to your body. Know what you are putting into it, and make the necessary changes to prevent unnecessary illness. Too many of us have lost loved ones due to false claims and being lead astray by popular trends. Check out fellow Free Stater's blog on Eating New Hampshire.

Spring in the Free StateI hope this sends you off on a successful spring cleaning adventure all around! Remember, take good care of yourselves so that you can be of service to others. You cannot give when you are living in lack. There is abundance all around if you take the time to see it.