Temp jobs NHQ. We are excited to move to New Hampshire as soon as possible, but job searching long distance is so hard. Do you think finding temporary employment might be an option?

A. A short-term/contract position could be a really good way to generate the income you need to make the move to New Hampshire, but there are drawbacks you should be aware of as you consider this option. Lack of job security, difficulty budgeting long term, fewer or no benefits beyond hourly pay, and overall lower pay are the most often cited. But, if you are willing to accept these drawbacks, temporary employment could enable you to move sooner while offering other valuable benefits.

  1. Many temporary jobs offer 3, 6, even 12-month contracts which are longer than most people might think of when they envision a “temporary” job. Working in a 6-month or longer contract position will give you the time you need to land a more stable position with a steady income while giving you the “local advantage,” avoiding the logistical difficulties of searching long distance.
  2. Temporary positions—especially those that are in your target industry or profession—will provide you the opportunity to build important professional relationships and networking connections in New Hampshire that might be difficult or impossible for you to build if you were living elsewhere. These new relationships and connections may well lead to your next professional opportunity.
  3. Temporary jobs frequently turn into permanent jobs. Treat your temporary job almost like an audition. As much as possible, make yourself indispensable to the employer. Once you have proven yourself and the value you will bring to the employer, you may receive a full-time job offer.
  4. Even if your temporary employer does not have a permanent position to offer you, you will now have a New Hampshire work history and home address that you can add to your résumé, and a New Hampshire employer who will likely serve as a reference for you. This local work history will make it much easier for you to land your next position.

If you decide to explore the temporary employment option, some of the larger temporary staffing agencies with offices in New Hampshire, include: