ChipChip Spangler has been in NH since 2015, and has been an unstoppable force for liberty since long before that.

For over 15 years, Chip has been involved with the Libertarian Party: he was Chair of the Maryland LP, a party officer in Alaska, and currently serves as the Vice Chair for the Southern New Hampshire LP. Since moving to New Hampshire, Chip has been actively volunteering at both Liberty Forum and PorcFest as god of AV, Fr33Aid, and Logistics. He holds the key to our hearts, and also the storage unit.

But that’s not all! Every single month, Chip is the MC for two monthly meet-ups in Manchester. The first Saturday of the month you will find him at the mic for the Merrimack Valley Porcupine meet-up (check out the calendar for upcoming locations), and on the first Tuesday of the month he has rocked New Movers Parties, welcoming all the incoming Porcupines with big hugs and a big heart. Shout out to Patrick Donald Binder for taking over that role. You have big shoes to fill, my friend.

Not only is Chip a volunteer lifesaver, he is also a professional one! He is a National Registry Paramedic, and he can tell you on any given day what unexpected events may disrupt your commute.

Jealous? Don’t be! All you have to do is reach out and volunteer! We need more people like Chip, so please consider volunteering for PorcFest, or let us know how else you’d like to help. And the next time you see Chip, make sure to #ThankAFreeStater.