Margot Keyes is a mother, wife, neighbor, and friend. Since moving to New Hampshire in 2005 with her husband and four girls, she has been a cheerful part of the porcupine community. Margot has a knack for hospitality and always seems to have a smile on her face. If you haven’t been to one of her house parties, you’ve missed something!

As PorcFest grew in its early years, so did the number of families attending. Margot saw the need for an activity that would bring kids of all ages together in a fun and interactive way. Thus was born the PorcOlympics! Since 2009, Margot and her husband Bradley have gathered kids and teens at PorcFest to run, jump, and throw. Everyone has so much fun laughing, competing, and making new friends. Once the kids are good and worn out, they get prizes and candy, and winners are awarded medals in their age group.

When Margot’s not busy planning for next year’s PorcOlympics, she homeschools her girls and keeps a lush garden. She even co-founded the Women’s Defense League. Thank you, Margot, for moving to New Hampshire, contributing to the community, and creating fun and challenging activities for kids at PorcFest!

Jealous? Don’t be! All you have to do is reach out and volunteer! We need more people like Margot, so please consider volunteering for PorcFest, or let us know how else you’d like to help. And the next time you see Margot, make sure to #ThankAFreeStater.