Since we triggered the move in February of 2016, we have continued to get signers pledging to move to New Hampshire, many of whom have given us their phone numbers. Last week we had a little calling/pizza party at our Manchester Clubhouse and called over 500 of these most recent signers! Even though most of the calls went to a voicemail, we were able to connect with these people and offer resources for them to make their move.

Connecting with a live human is a wonderful thing, especially when you find someone as excited as you to be in New Hampshire! Each of our 14 volunteers made contact with at least one person who is ready to make their move or has already moved. They provided resources like pointing folks to Facebook groups, our website, Realtors, and possible job opportunities.  For those we connected with, it was much appreciated and the response was overwhelmingly positive!

Thanks to the Quill, Gabi, Brandon, Sondra, Chloe, Devin, Denis, Merav, Carlithe, Dave, Dax, AJ, Patrick, Carla, and Robert.  We plan to do another calling party after PorcFest.  Won't you join us?