Not all Free Staters had to move to New Hampshire - some of them already lived here. Like many others, Bill and his wife Gail came to know about us during the Ron Paul campaign. Being an activist on that campaign was an exciting time, and many connections were made. Fighting for Liberty takes a lot of work, but with like-minded people by your side, much can be accomplished.

In 2012, Bill organized the Ron Paul Banner Project, an effort to make 350 4x8 foot banners in one week. The project was so successful that he even got Ron Paul himself to sign it! Bill also popularized the phrase “Liberty: Too Big to Fail” which is now the official motto of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.

Bill might seem like your average hard working guy, but he always has time to create amazing things with his 3D printer and laser beams. I have a few of the unique items he’s created, including coasters with the FSP logo, custom made inlaid wooden boxes, and cute porcupine earrings. He’s a master craftsman whose work has to be seen to be appreciated.

Bill is also known for his “Green Beam.” If you’ve ever been to PorcFest and seen the laser projections, you have witnessed the Green Beam. Every now and again the Beam can be seen at a rally or protest, beaming out a message of Liberty and “Taxation is Theft!” It’s a sight to behold! 😀

In addition to his work and activism, Bill is a great friend and neighbor. His big heart and generous spirit are always available for a smile or a helping hand. I appreciate Bill and am proud to have him as a friend.

Jealous? Don’t be! All you have to do is reach out and volunteer! We need more people like Bill, so please consider volunteering. And the next time you see Bill, make sure to #ThankAFreeStater.