Hershel Nunez is a tall drink of cool water. Hailing originally from Texas, he has a polite nature, is a hard worker, and likes to help people. Ever the optimist, Hershel moved to New Hampshire before the Free State Project chose this state and has been a force of nature ever since.

Hershel has volunteered three times at Liberty Forum as our exhibition hall coordinator. He’s given of his time and talent to gather and organize vendors participating at the Forum, ensuring that each has exactly what it needs. He has a unique knack for making people feel valued and creates an atmosphere of warmth with his generous spirit. It’s not easy herding cats, but Hershel does it with flair and has fun in the process. Not only does he help during our winter event, but he’s also provided year-round technical help with events and our CRM system.

Hershel and his partner run their own business and have found success in the Porcupine community and beyond. They enjoy traveling and carry their warm spirit with them wherever they go! We wish you much success, Hershel, and are proud to have you as a friend and neighbor.

Jealous? Don’t be! All you have to do is reach out and volunteer! We need more people like Hershel, so please consider volunteering for PorcFest, or let us know how else you’d like to help. And the next time you see Hershel, make sure to #ThankAFreeStater.